5. Remuneration, profit-sharing and loans

The relevant information can be found in section 1.5 f. of the Remuneration Report (see page 31 ff.). The criteria to be established by the Board of Directors for setting the variable remuneration component are decided at the Board’s discretion, which is why no explanation is given in this regard.

The regulations in the Articles of Association concerning the principles of performance-related remuneration, the allocation of equity securities and conversion and option rights, the additional limit for the remuneration of Members of the Executive Management appointed following the vote of the Annual General Meeting on remuneration, and the vote of the Annual General Meeting on remuneration can be found in Art. 29 ff. of the Articles of Association, which can be viewed on the website at www.vonrollgroup.com/en/corporate-governance/corporate-governance1/articles-of-incorporation/, with the exception of the regulation on advances, loans and pension benefits granted to Members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management, which has not been included in the Articles of Association.