9. Information policy

Von Roll Holding AG pursues a policy of transparent, truthful and proactive information. Whenever possible, employees are informed first. Shareholders receive information through the Annual Report, Semi-annual Report, media releases, the Internet and at the Annual General Meeting. Von Roll Holding AG reports and comments on its results on a half-yearly basis. Moreover, Von Roll Holding AG provides continuous information on important events according to the rules of ad hoc notifications. Upon request, shareholders can receive media releases from the press office by e-mail. These can be requested from Von Roll Holding AG, Passwangstrasse 20, CH-4226 Breitenbach, phone +41 (0)61 785 52 36, fax +41 (0)61 785 58 92 or e-mail investor@vonroll.com. Von Roll Holding AG publishes all events that are relevant to the stock quotation in accordance with the guidelines of SIX Swiss Exchange.