1. Group structure and shareholders

Operating group structure

The operating activities of Von Roll Holding AG and its subsidiaries are divided into the “Von Roll Insulation” and “Von Roll Composites” segments. Further details are available in the “Financial Reporting” section (see Note 6 on page 54 of this Annual Report).

Listed companies

Since August 11, 1987, Von Roll Holding AG, with its registered office in Breitenbach and its domicile at Passwangstrasse 20, CH-4226 Breitenbach, has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: ROL, valor number: 324.535, ISIN: CH0003245351). As at December 31, 2019, it had a market capitalization of TCHF 311,620. There are no other listed companies within the scope of consolidation of Von Roll Holding AG.

Non-listed companies

A list of significant unlisted consolidated companies is disclosed in Note 15 of the “Financial Reporting” section on page 63 of this Annual Report.

As at November 20, 2008, the von Finck group of shareholders (comprising August von Finck, Francine von Finck, August François von Finck, Maximilian von Finck and Maria Theresia von Finck, together with Von Roll Holding AG [treasury shares]) declared a shareholding of 66.75 %, which corresponds to 123,334,009 bearer shares ( out of a total of 184,778,889 bearer shares issued as at November 20, 2008).

There were no disclosure notifications regarding shareholdings of other significant shareholders or groups of shareholders in the reporting year. For details about the disclosure notifications, please refer to the SIX Exchange Regulation website ( www. six-exchange-regulation.com/en/home/publications/significant-shareholders.html ).

There are no cross-shareholdings with other companies. Possible cross-shareholdings may result from the disclosed significant shareholder structure.