8. Auditor

8.1.1 Time of assumption of the current audit mandate

In 2004, Deloitte AG, Zurich, was registered in the commercial register as the auditor for Von Roll Holding AG. The auditor is appointed on each occasion by the Annual General Meeting for one financial year, and the same auditor may be reappointed in the next financial year. The applicable statutory maximum term of office for an auditor in charge of seven years (Art. 730a Para. 2 Swiss Code of Obligations) is not limited by the Articles of Association.

8.1.2 Assumption of office of the auditor in charge who is responsible for the current audit mandate

Mr. Patrick Fawer was appointed auditor in charge for the first year.

The fee paid to the auditor for the audit of the 2016 financial statements was TCHF 586 in total (2015: TCHF 548).

During the period under review, additional fees of around TCHF 36 (2015: TCHF 69) were paid for additional services relating to tax, compliance and other services. In financial year 2016, TCHF 27 were paid for tax advice and TCHF 9 for additional audit-related services.

The Audit Committee oversees the activities of the auditors. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors assesses the performance, remuneration and independence of the external auditor annually. The Board of Directors proposes the election of the external auditor to the Annual General Meeting based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee assesses the scope of the audit by the external auditor and the relevant procedures annually and discusses the audit findings with the external auditor. During the reporting year, three meetings were held with the representatives of the external auditor.