Von Roll Insulation

Von Roll Insulation offers systems, products and services for the electrical insulation of high- and low-voltage applications and is our core business.

Von Roll, the leading producer of Electrical Insulation Materials with more than 100 years of experience, has its roots in the very heart of Europe. Starting in 1903 with the production of mica products for electrical motors in Breitenbach, Switzerland, the company expanded its activities across the continents. Over the years its researchers built the most comprehensive product portfolio in the field of electrical insulation. In the early nineties we achieved market leadership. Since this time we have established long-term supply agreements with leading manufacturers for electrical machines. Today we have a dense worldwide sales network offering a complete range of systems, products, services and easy lines of communication.

Our main activities are focused on the high-voltage motor and generator segments in which Von Roll is the clear market leader. Important sales  areas include performance products for low voltage motors, transformers, sensors and many others. We also focus on new, growing markets, such as the e-mobility, renewable energy generation and modern high-speed railway industries.

Von Roll’s highly specialized insulation team provides total insulation systems. Only Von Roll offers such optimized performance systems  to meet customer requirements. Our “One Stop Shop” creates customized solutions by simultaneously providing the following product groups:

  • Mica and non-mica -based products
  • Flexible materials
  • Resins and varnishes
  • Covered specialty conductors
  • Composite materials
  • Testing, training and consulting services

Our Sales Service is organized to serve all countries. You'll find an overview of our sales distribution network on our worldwide map.