Von Roll Composites

The business segment Von Roll Composites primarily focuses on manufacturing and selling composite materials for industrial applications and markets. Its plastic products combine a variety of materials with different mechanical as well as thermal and electrical insulation properties.

Von Roll Composites has its roots in the European region, where it started more than 100 years ago in Breitenbach, Switzerland with the foundation of today's "Von Roll Switzerland Ltd". It is the result of consequently developing our company towards our customers market requirements and their special needs in their single application. Today Von Roll Composites is a worldwide key player with decades of experience in all products for industrial applications.

With its wide product range of composite materials, thermal and fire protecting products, rigid and flexible laminates, the division covers the demand of a big variety of industries (as semi finished products or customized solutions).

Depending on customer requirements and the combination, composites can be produced to replace metals such as aluminium in machinery and equipment. Thanks to their low density, high strength and resistance to corrosion, these products are being used more and more often in the production of machinery and equipment. For instance they are used successfully in mechanical engineering, in industrial smelting furnaces, in electric motors and generators, for energy storage, in aviation and automotive engineering and in many more market sectors besides. The wide range of possibilities for modification and customisation offers significant potential for future composite applications.

In addition to semi-finished products, Von Roll Composites also offers customised solutions such as machined parts to meet the needs of a variety of industrial sectors.

The main production sites for these products are located in

  • EMEA: Augsburg (Germany), Delle (France), Bradford (United Kingdom)
  • America: Cleveland and Schenectady (USA)
  • Asia: Shanghai (China)

We also offer local customer tailored products with our specialized machining centers for a big variety of applications. Von Roll sales people and product managers support customers to find the right solution for their individual, specific applications. Beside the dedicated sales staff Von Roll has selected partners and agents in all countries around the world.